Atelier September, Copenhagen

Day 2 in Copenhagen started with the perfect Scandi breakfast. From our hotel we walked to Atelier September, a beautiful café in a furniture workshop and boutique. Twenty-somethings in wooly hats and wide-rimmed glasses perch at thick wooden sharing tables, sharing Skyr and matcha lattes. A Hackney Hipster would feel right at home here!


We tucked into yoghurt with granola, matcha tea powder, zucchini jam and basil – an original bowl of ingredients if ever I saw one. Totally delicious and a very fresh, zingy start to the day!

D opted for the porridge with olive oil, gooseberries and tarragon with lemon zest. Good, but the best porridge of our trip was to be found elsewhere – stay tuned!


I made friends with this lovely chef who adored London and wanted to know everything about it. We chatted excitedly whilst she whipped up some avocado on rye bread for another table; I was so tempted but figured I could have avo on toast anywhere in the world.


I would highly recommend putting Atelier September on your ‘breakfast spots’ list if you’re heading to Copenhagen any time soon. Get a window seat and watch the locals cycling by to work.

We stepped out onto the sun-drenched streets of the city and headed to Nyhavn. We’re not usually one for bus tours on city breaks but with Copenhagen being spread across several islands we decided to brace our inner tourists and hop on a boat tour of the city.


There’s perhaps a bit of a stigma attached to organised tours on holiday. Everybody – myself included – is hell bent on finding the underground hotspots, that hidden gem, the place that only the true locals know about. It becomes a bit of a competition, a bragging game when you get home: “we went to this in-cred-ible restaurant. You won’t have heard of it, it’s not in the guide books. We heard about it through a colleague’s sister-in-law’s dogwalker’s aunt”. Good for you! But sometimes a boat tour just ticks all the boxes. You can get your bearings and a lovely introduction to the city from the very well-informed and dauntingly multi-lingual guides on board.


We weaved through the canals of Christianshavn (more in the next post), ooh-ing and aah-ing at the beautiful houses as we glided through the deep blue waters.

IMG_5096IMG_4996IMG_5079  IMG_5078IMG_5089

We were extremely lucky with the weather and made the most of it with our boat trip. All that sea air meant that we had built up an extremely large appetite. So we made a beeline for Copenhagen Street Food, but more on that tomorrow!

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