Maltby Street Market, SE1

It’s taken me a long time to blog about Maltby Street Market. The first time I tried to go I couldn’t actually find it which wasn’t a great start, and the second time I forgot my camera. So hoping for third time lucky, I programmed Citymapper with the right postcode and with my Lumix firmly clutched in my hand I set off to document what is possibly the best street food market in London. It’s a big claim; there’s a lot of competition out there.

Maltby Street Market

Only open on the weekend, it serves at a meeting point for the capital’s most exciting food trucks and a few more permanent restaurants too. Come take a stroll with me…

Devi’s Indian street food:

Maltby Street Market

Maltby & Greek:

Maltby Street Market Maltby Street Market

Bad Brownie: (if you’ve never had one of these, you’ve never lived)

Maltby Street Market Maltby Street Market

There are so many stalls to choose from, all emanating delicious smells and feeding queues of hungry people. After walking up and down several times, I finally decided on The Cheese Truck. A more comforting, flavoursome and satisfying cheese toastie is impossible to find! Try the goats cheese, honey and walnut one with rosemary butter – it will not disappoint…

Maltby Street Market Maltby Street MarketMaltby Street Market

David (and Ollie) couldn’t resist the manliness of this steak sandwich from The Beefsteaks, with bernaise sauce and triple cooked chips.

Maltby Street Market Maltby Street Market  Maltby Street Market Maltby Street Market Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market has something for everyone. There are a limited amount of chairs in a communal area in the middle which are good to get your hands on – then you can all grab what you fancy and congregate together.

Maltby Street Market

As I’ve mentioned, it’s not open during the week (website here) but do scurry down on a Saturday or Sunday and see what all the fuss is about. Let me know how you get on!